Welcome eXplorers

This site is home to all my work and dreams for our future. The following is the beginning of an interactive script I had written and begun to broadcast until I ran into computer problems. I will return to this in the future when we have a reliable workstation. All contributions on this site will go towards that realization.

We are about to embark on a dream journey. Prepare your senses and your environment for take off.


Meet Missybot, she will be accompanying us


We arrive at the terminal to Heaven.

We will be connecting to our own private server.


Our angels will guide us as we ascend.


We are reborn

Our first mission is to find Missy

We will head to Heaven’s offices with our clues to get transported

Heaven Offices

At heaven’s office, we load up our vehicle and prepare for takeoff (special thanks to Mr.Banana for the beautiful music)

As we mentally prepare and pinpoint our destination, we embark on our journey

New Zealand Getaway

We have an unfortunate turn of events and we are currently stuck here while we await for help to arrive

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