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Op Leg Routine

Thank you
for this killer #fitness routine. tbh I couldn’t do it all, I am so out of shape. Today was very stressful and I wanted to work it out of me so I did three reps of 12 on both sets of squats with a ten pound weight. Then I did one rep of 12 on each leg on the lunges. When the hop came, I flopped over and cried. Going to try this again tomorrow


'82 gamer and live host #adhd hype! Currently playing The Elder Scrolls Online and Red Dead Redemption

One thought on “Op Leg Routine

  1. Hello Missy! Do not worry, everything will work out for you, the main thing do not rush. You have patience in character – like 10 adult men !!! You are very strong inside and you will soon transform your figure into an elegant and fantastic! All men will faint from your figurine! Do not hurry and you will become a Goddess! You can do everything, because you have a titanic will!


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