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A Path of Least Resistance

I’m grateful that I developed the courage to invest in my aspirations.

For decades I struggled to conform to a common trajectory to a successful life without a true desire to live it. The resentment gave me a tremendous amount of anxiety because I was never truly satisfied. I would go to the point of forcing myself to accept that because I could not endure hardship or sacrifice, I was broken. I didn’t deserve the fulfilling life I assumed only smart and dedicated people had earned.

Funny thing is, I possessed all those qualities but nothing on the table inspired me. The question were, could I do this? Is it profitable? Not, is this what I want?

Now that I let go of my fear, it’s hard to become distracted away from what I want. I’m sacrificing eagerly and I couldn’t be convinced I’m risking too much.

I trust I know the way and the future feels incredibly fulfilling. It’s not about wishful thinking or a blind leap, I finally feel relief because my life now makes sense. < Talented Artist


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