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A magical late night eXcursion

The following game is rated for mature audiences and you may hear language inappropriate for anyone under the age of 50 to hear. Proceed with caution


Welcome aboard the eXecutioner eXpress

We follow Missy as she guides us on adventures lead by fate’s direction.

The following story was created by MissyXecute and influenced by our real life events recorded live on Twitch.


We meet Seriously Specific, the charming Cub Scout Leader friend who has a knack for impersonations. He was the first to greet Missy at her front door, where he had been eagerly waiting for her for about ten minutes.

Missy opened the door and was surprised to be greeted by Seriously’s Nico costume.

opening1.pngNico is our trusted French Farmer companion who frequently accompanies us on our adventures and primarily communicates through our log because he obviously doesn’t have vocal cords, kappa. His spontaneity and passion for life is contagious.

Missy had heard that our friend Coma has just opened up a new dance club. Coma White is our suave and lethal Pilot friend who possess an admiring arsenal. His generous wit and charm can also be seen in our logs usually, right beside Nico.

As we were leaving Missy’s home, she was tragically shot and killed by a chicken who was crossing the road after an obviously bad day at Nico’s farm. Missy would not allow us to miss this event and she wasn’t going to let a little thing like death stand in her way.  She swooped down from heaven to the club’s front steps on the back of a large white maned, majestic winged horse, with flowing white hair, and smelling of strawberries.

As Missy entered the club, she realized she was inappropriately dressed for the occasion and quickly retreated to retrieve more suitable attire.  

Before she could make her escape, Missy became possessed by a demonic idea that possessed her actions and cost her dearly.   



Devastated and under dressed, Missy ran home to eat some cookies and hot Cheetos.

Her devastation was quickly distracted by amusement and a shiny new car



That was soon destroyed by a rocket dispatched from Coma’s trigger finger. 

Luckily, are daring Italian friend Elchamo rushed us to the nearest shopping center to treat our fashion emergency.

XerobitsThere we were enthusiastically greeted by our always optimistic friend Xero purchasing a new pair of chaps.

The decision was a difficult one and Elchamo grew impatient after he saw a band of clowns round the corner.


Unfortunately, Missy did not monitor the bike while shopping and while Elchamo was off making animal balloons, some deviant played a prank with his bike.

Embarrassed Elchamo hails the nearest cab, to his surprise the clown driver had a destination far worse in store for the two of them. Missy wondered the streets and contemplated her life decisions when her dream car invited her to drive it.

As we got closer to the club, Elchamo made a miraculous landing with the gigantic jet he stole after his escape from a clown daycare prison. He had intended to gift the jet to Missy but she politely declined in favor of the grand entrance she intended to make in her dream car.

A ping in the Nico’s radar sets off and he sets course to Missy’s location. When he arrives, he drops encouraging baby kappa faces for luck

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Upon hearing of Nico’s arrival, Coma glides in on a cloud of salt to celebrate. Nico’s wings flutter about and sprinkle birthday cupcakes.  Feeling left out Seriously shrugs and puts his heads in his empty hands. Coma floats over to Seriously and graciously lays some salt in his honor. Witnessing this merciful act of compassion, Nico compelling grabs a flag and salutes his brother Seriously Specific.  

Feeling the gravity of the moment, Fate applauded our efforts 

the eXecutioners FINALLY unite


We appreciate the time we shared with everyone involved. We are thankful to experience moments of unscripted magic. We are fortunate to have the ability to capture and share them.    Thank you Grand Theft Auto, Twitch, WordPress and the eXecutioners for making this possible.


'82 gamer and live host #adhd hype! Currently playing The Elder Scrolls Online and Red Dead Redemption

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