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Coma’s Party Part 2

Our pursuit to attend Coma’s party continued…

Missy wasn’t ready for battle that day

Her destination would not be found soon enough


Coma’s Party

All eXecutioners re-spawned without defect except for Coma. He was displaying strange behavior but we didn’t suspect a thing because Coma was strange. 

Except for Missy, she knew this was not her best friend Coma and decided to keep a watchful eye on the impostor. 


However, Missy got distracted and it cost Seriously Specific his life


Missy summoned her human form to rescue Seriously and rushed him to hospital


Many obstacles stood in her way but Missy persevered until she had to pee.



Coma’s impostor performed magic spell and cast the friends back to the dance club where there was an epic dance battle.


Obviously, Missy won but it took too long to defeat him and Seriously died waiting. 

Missy would come to learn a great life lesson from his ghost but not before Coma’s impostor’s ghost got his lesson 


Training is essential in building strong skills to support others with. Be ready for when your time comes


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