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What have you been up to eXecutie?

The eXecutioners

What you missed

“You are doing a good job mom.” say LittleX

We caught up with Seriously Specific and Micah who are back in college. We hope that they are doing well in their disciplines and we look forward to hanging out again.


Xero and Appleblade have been coming around and yes, they are both still in love with WoW.


New Original popped in a couple times recently to say hi and is currently playing Spiderman.


Coma has been all up in some Destiny 2 and has about a month left before he leaves for a year.


We also had the pleasure of hanging out with Vixx a few nights.


Koolioyo came by as well to tell us that his girlfriend is doing well in her new business venture. .


And as always, Bob is awesome.


“I just started doing all the things I said I should be doing” say MissyXecute

Upgraded desktop and toolbar

Improved communication devices

Added new cleaning software

The IT department has upgraded their warehouse to a more efficient storage system. Shipping is currently undergoing maintenance.

A new repair software has been installed


There are many projects on the horizon

The Barbie project

Memorabilia project

The crafting project

And a few other cosmetic improvements to the set that are in the early phases of planning.

MissyXecute is progressing very well in her training of, “The art of zen and discipline.”

LittleXecute is with her coaches in a 6th grade level training course. She has been taking regular naps and preparing meals for her family. She has recently started playing with her American Girl doll again. She is currently making her a house.

“I get so proud watching you make good and boring choices. You have a genius brain and I can’t wait to see how smart you get. You are also very cool and I look forward to making more memories with you.” say Missy


 The Elegato project is active for PS4 


3Dio currently on hold for repair

The down Minecraft server will be reviewed by Vixx.

Badge emotes are in the conception stage.

“You taught me how it feels to be supported on an unconditional cloud of appreciation and patience. Thank you for being a great teacher. ” say MissyXecute


'82 gamer and live host #adhd hype! Currently playing The Elder Scrolls Online and Red Dead Redemption

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