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Jump Scares in Until Dawn- Part 1

The following game is rated for mature audiences and you may hear language that may be offensive to anyone under the age of 50. Proceed at your own risk


 Until Dawn  was suggested to us and suggested it would be great as a PS4 local multiplayer. The story starts off with a bunch of friends who met in a remote cabin belonging to the family of Josh, Hannah, and Beth. Mike, Emily, Chris, Matt, Ashley, and Jessica play a prank on Hannah that ended up driving her crying into the deep snow covered forest. Sister Beth ran after her and the two of them fall off a cliff after being chased by a man with a blowtorch. The rest of the game took place a year later when the remaining survivors returned to gather again for a vacation together. Periodically, we met up with a Therapist who seemingly gave us a mental evaluation with a series of questions regarding our fears.


Missy has also tried it in an ASMR format. Stay tuned for that review.


Nico Say

“I don’t find this game to be as scary as it is entertaining. The jump scare build ups are  fun, the deaths are unexpected and not too gruesome, so far.” say Missy


Inspirational daily mantra

Consulting with our host Missy before we begin. 


Missy and Nico chose happy and Matrcoleman chose uneasy. 


 Matrocoleman was the favorite


Missy and Nico are interesting


It’s official, Missy and Nico are certifiably level headed


Our first introduction to the killer

Nico was questioning Hayden’s personal style decision to wear a skirt in the snow.


Shortly after we met some of the players,  Coma makes his grand entrance into the room.

the entrance

Nico greeting


Coma and Nico unintentionally gave Missy another jump scare by adding to the tip jar. Missy learned that she has been out of the conversation in chat for the past five minutes because of a technical failure. To her surprise, her friends were cheering her on the whole time.

 In this community, your patience may be tested from time to time. We appreciate any and all kindnesses while Missy works to improve.





Thank you Coma and Nico for the support :).

“I feel honored to have the friends/fans that I do. I’m as much of a fan of them as they are of me. They make me feel respected and accepted, they don’t judge or pressure me to be something I am not, and they don’t scare easy.” say Missy

Seriously Specific woke up in the middle of the night and jumped in to chat. Traxmity and Xero the jumped in shortly after. Almost like fate brought us together for this last jump scare. Appleblade, unfortunately came too late.



Missy was very sleepy on this stream and we felt very confused most of the time about what she was saying but we had a wonderful evening that we can now relive, thanks to her. :). I am not a bot..





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