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Until Dawn Jump Scares in ASMR-Part 1

The following game is rated for mature audiences and some language may be offensive to anyone under the age of 50. Proceed at your own risk

 Until Dawn  was suggested to us and highlighted how it would be great as a PS4 local multiplayer. The story starts off with a bunch of friends who met in a remote cabin belonging to the family onewchatf Josh, Hannah, and Beth. They invite their friends, Mike, Emily, Chris, Matt, Ashley, and Jessica who end up playing a prank on Hannah. Upset Hanna ran away crying into the deep and snow covered forest. Sister Beth ran after her and the two of them fall off a cliff after being chased by a man with a blowtorch.

The rest of the game took place a year later when the remaining survivors returned to gather again for a vacation together. Periodically, we met up with a Therapist who seemingly gives us a mental evaluation with a series of questions regarding our fears.Petethesweet1000 was the first one to speak with a kappa face. Xero arrived shortly after and resubscribed for the second month. We thank you for the support brother :).  Followed by Trax who popped in frequently with a what up, Appleblade who eagerly waited for the bloodshed with us through the entire show , and MrX who stopped by a couple times telling us about his fantasies of winter and his pick up chick tricks.

At this point, we do not have any solid leads on who the culprit is, but the game did its best to tease us. killer

“I love producing ASMR formats, when I am surrounded in that atmosphere, I find the world much more fascinating.” say Missy

“I had already experienced that scare but I thought it happened as soon as I opened the cabinet and when it didn’t happen, I thought I was safe.” say Missy

Light scare

Medium scare

Big Scare

The therapist’s office seemed to have gotten worse further into the game and yes, Missy misunderstood the question and will eventually drive that therapist mad, for sure.

We stumbled upon some books to read in the lodge where Mike and Jessica went to bundle up for the evening. This one spoke of Native American traditions.

A old Native American story that Missy improves through the parts covered by Mike’s hand.

Josh, Chris, and Ashley tried to summon answers from Hannah and Beth with the aid of the spiritual game, Ouija.

A pretty truck

Last scare of the evening 

Mal gave another big warm welcome with a 5 month resub! Thank you 117Mal for your continued support despite your inability to catch our recent broadcasts. cheers Also, The New Original also came by to hang out for a bit, KoolioYo said hello and kindly thanked Missy for her support, Micah, Vortex and Vixx said their hellos, and Vodka came in at the very end with a high five.

Thank you for the tips! We appreciate your support and commitment 🙂

We also played the game in a standard format


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