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Happy Thursday!

“I am so happy to be back streaming even if its only for a couple hours at night. Having a community filled with people that love and support each other is incredibly honoring to be apart of.  I am proud of the home we are creating and will continue striving to provide a place of peace and comradery.” say Missy


Physical Fitness

The routines we found online were great for someone looking for a challenge or a mix in their current routine. What we are looking for is a routine that we will be eager to maintain without a whole lot of convincing.

 “I remember when I was younger, Richard Simons was my go to for workouts because he was lively and we just danced. ” say Missy

Missy has been adding to a music playlist and routinely dances, LittleX attends gym at school and is doing daily drills, and MrX is revisiting old projects around the house. As long as we stay active, happy and eat healthy we should see ideal results.


Editing and recapping our live broadcasts.

Today Missy is creating a new OBS Layout for our ASMR broadcasts. The last one seemed to be distracting from the game.

Missy is also creating a new race build and adding to it daily for Grand Theft Auto


Movie Nights

Unfortunately, do to time constraints we can not host anymore movie nights. In the future, when we have a dedicated mod team and the budget to hire an editor, we may revisit this option.




We have been producing horror themed broadcasts but this will only be temporary. We may revisit them again during Halloween time. We did get a request to produce another beach video but this is on hold while the 3Dio is in the maintenance queue.




This too is only a temporary and random occurrence. Our primary feature will be gaming. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to comment and we will may make a broadcast in the future.


Remastered Post

Thank you as always, to every single person that has committed to support us with their time and/or resources. Especially, everyone who has been here through our difficult transitioning period. Your faith and encouragement have been a driving force behind our efforts. :). 



'82 gamer and live host #adhd hype! Currently playing The Elder Scrolls Online and Red Dead Redemption

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