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A life full of lessons

Happy Thursday :). I hope y’all are at rest and enjoying the holiday in reflection of this past year. New Years is right around the corner and resolutions are about to begin. If you add getting buff to your list, hit me up for some #justdance company. MrX just got #rdr2 for the PC so I’m going to be playing with him tonight on . I invite you to join us and introduce yourself to the man that’s been hiding in my closet :). Tomorrow I will be playing #reddeadredemption2 with Storm on the PS4. If you aren’t too busy, I would very much love for you to join us for our 8hr stream on #twitch . I am looking forward to my eXtra long #asmr stream in the morning at and I hope you are too :). Now you are up to date on what I’m doing. What you up to?


'82 gamer and live host #adhd hype! Currently playing The Elder Scrolls Online and Red Dead Redemption

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