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Sexual Advances

There has been a lot in the media about sexual assault and harassment. I had linked a post about this in Discord, which I thought I knew how I felt about it but now im starting to see a different picture.

 Im irritated and I just want to relax and be treated kindly. I definitely am not in the mood to be looked at like a conquest, like that is all I am. Like, nothing else is significant about me just my womanhood. I want to be treated with respect around my peers and colleagues like what I do is respectable but that didn’t happen tonight.

 Now im thinking, this is why she was so mad. The purpose of this movement is to point out how we are treated differently and hopefully move us towards more equality. Do I want to be apart of that or do I want to encourage being complicit? 

Like right now I really wish this streamer would not have flirted with me, but im also used to it and I’m starting to recognize how I always seem to go along with it like it’s normal. I’m not supposed to be flirted with and I am not supposed to flirt. How do I tell him without it hurting my reputation with him? I don’t right, he’s just doing his job. 

Cognitive brought up another point, he say she could also be held guilty of flirtation by the way she promotes her sexuality in her business in a very flirtatious way. So now Im looking back at how I have incorporated flirtation into my work and im like, should I have expected this? Do I have an obligation to be more responsible with my sexuality cause it is a form of sexual harassment?  

Is my sexuality my product? Am I on the clock when I’m out self promoting? I’m aware now and a little confused. So I’m working it out right now. 

My purpose is to help promote good mentalities for confidence and self esteem. Encourage better habits and show how to be kind to each other even intimately to promote more consensual relationships. 

So I can be helpful by not responding and encourage other conversation. Be aware that will be the first impression but I can help shape the lasting one I leave. I can be a good example and tone down the impression I am giving away. 

That revelation came to me by watching the next streamer. He puts on performances and the whole tone of the stream changes. I need to structure my live streams. 

Appropriately yours,