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Sexism and Feminism

This summer many statements came to light about all the sexual harassment and assault happening within the gaming community. I saw many stories that sounded so eerily familiar that it really got me thinking about how I was complicit in allowing this to happen on my watch.

I sought out creators discussing this topic, Destiny and BadBunny. They discussed the topic of rape culture and the oppression of women. I hadn’t before really recognized the affect this had on my life until now but now it was all starting to make sense.

My Affirmation

I define my life, my consent matters, and it doesn’t give anyone permissions I don’t grant.

Ain’t nobody going to make me feel ashamed for liking and indulging in sexual practices. It’s a human response and it’s one of the most overwhelming motivators out there. To deny that is a prideful social cadence I’m not allowing to rob me of the few pleasures this life offers.

I recognize I have a responsibility to maintain my respectful distance and gain consent in more situations.

I recognize it’s my responsibility to hold my company accountable when they treat someone else as a sexual object or expose themselves without consent.

I recognize my reality and will do whatever I’m comfortable with doing legally and responsibly :).