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The Quirks That Divide Us

What if fitting in were easy? Would we appreciate the time we had to share?

It can feel comforting to relate and lead us to believe we should be separated to achieve harmony. In some cases that’s possible but how does that affect the choices we make?

What if we could trust that we were accepted and respected by everyone? Would that harmonize the world?

What if the world were compassionately honest? Could we then handle criticism and compromise?

Let’s pretend we have faith that this were true, that we were all cool with each other, we felt comfortable being honest, and compromising. Where would our choices take us? What possibilities would be open?

Fear keeps us from trusting and being honest. What if we could learn how to open up affectively and treat those who stumble with compassion? What kind of world would we be influencing then?

There is an abundance of love out there waiting for us all to unleash ourselves from our restricted beliefs. True, it’s not easy to find a utopia but if you aren’t struggling, you’re free to discover a whole new world to exist in.

A large squeeze goes out to all those who support and believe in my ambitious efforts to put my love out there. Thank you for trusting and compassionately guiding our efforts into existence 💋


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