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Serving Him

What I loved from my experience with religion, it’s ability to help me recognize that I wasn’t shit and neither was anyone else. I didn’t deserve shit, and I sure as hell wasn’t ever gonna get shit and I had to be good with it. I had to be good with eating shit and liking it.

I had to recognize that there is nothing about my farts that set me apart, I’m not expected to be shit or do shit about anything, I learned to trust there will never be shit that I can’t handle. I learned how to fly fearless.

I learned how to not give a shit about anything but the truth. I learned how to let shit go because I learned to look from above the scenery. I learned I had no limitations as long as I was honest with myself. That no man could truly have my soul or be responsible for it. I will always be free to fly in the grace of the man in the sky. Somewhere in life I rebelled against that and fell down some dark paths. Nothing ever felt so clean as I did in the gleam of a eye who accepted me the way i was. So that’s how I live my life and carry my brand, in the trust of a hand and in the grace of losing face with second heaps.


TWEET TWEET MOTHER…. ok I’m chill, but also SUPER HyPed about my new merch line

I’ve got a ton of new pimp ideas ready to hit you in the soft space, guaranteed to up your game with this lady and give you a keepsake of a memory you spent with our family.


Tomorrow is my day to pay tribute to my Valentine Lordships. I have a special production to share and some games prepared that are sure to please you.

The Plan

I’ll start on Sissy,

Games; Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Jackbox, Snapchat

All interactable and distractible to help us chill before I bust out my beat. That should surely lift you off your feet. Then I’m going to watch you as I eat in your face. Legends, bring a raincoat, you’ll be in the splash zone.

If you’d like to bitch and moan about it, you’ll be pleased to hear that I made you some space on Discord as not to displease our guests.

After Hours

Then I’ll go to Missy with a nightcap to help you relax to sleep if you choose to stay for some extra heat. There will be candlelight with free triggers all night until we feel alright.

Hope I see you tonight,


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