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The Inconsistency of ADHD

Seeing is believing and luckily for me, my actions have presented magical second chances when everything turns out right from time to time.

Fortunately for me, first chances were forgiven after failing to provide expected provisions, wasting precious time of all those anticipating minds invested in the vision of perfection.

Commonly for me, all who know me become concerned when they’ve heard I’ve back skirted and hurt my chances to rise about my ADHD circumstances.

That’s the tragedy of conformity, those who don’t know me commonly lay their perception to rest in all they know best with me as the pest against common practices.

The reality of mental ability is it’s capability of perceiving a believable world where I’m not the hurt hurling villain but a spirited sprite who lives on the bright side.

An Adhd nervous system is interest based, that’s where the hyper focus plays.

Exist confidently in a favorable reality

Thank you for giving me another day of support and faith. Statically, my existence is projected to be a burden. Your efforts contribute to me not hurting for living from time to time in social obscurity.

Cheers to our legacy, MissyX


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