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A life full of lessons

I’ve had a steamer’s overweight and exhausted bod up until I started playing Just Dance back in July. Now I’m stronger, more confident, and I have a ton of energy! Never have I had a routine that is as much as fun as this. If you need an ally on your journey to good health, stop by and join us sometime. We would love to be your encouragement :). #justdance #healthylifestyle #fun #friends #twitch
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A life full of lessons

I do not recommend that you watch the replay of my last stream on #twitch Its three hours of video without game sounds and one sided conversations. I’m sorry we didn’t catch it. I’ll be back in #eso next Thursday and every Thursday in the foreseeable future with more whispered #asmr adventures. 1200-1500 EST
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Happy Tuesday!

 “It’s been a difficult process. Some days I feel like I’m losing progress in Rainbow Six on the PC. MrX and I have had problems understanding the sounds and we don’t know anyone else who plays it at the moment. I very much love playing it but excelling in it may not be in the cards.” say Missy

Besides training in Rainbow 6, Missy has been creating a race track in Grand Theft Auto.

“The build has had to have many revisions and I’m still unable to complete a cycle. I have learned many of the items that are available and have become familiar with the mechanics. I look forward to sharing this track with you when it’s finally complete.” say Missy

She also had to clear out some old streaming videos before she could edit more and she has created two new custom overlays.

LittleX has been training on Fortnite with her friends and she is in the beginning stages of a routined broadcast of her own. She also started her training in the violin this week as well.

MrX has been training with Missy in Rainbow 6 and doing many home repairs in preparation for the winter months.

“It’s been very hot lately and we don’t have central air but we do have a window unit. Unfortunately, the sounds are loud and I’m limited to the number of hours I can stream without the air on during the day. I look forward to streaming in the winter when I can hang out for long periods of time again without sweating like a pig.” say Missy.

We did get to enjoy a short broadcast of Until Dawn last night and we look forward to the next one this evening. Missy will be back to posting the highlights as soon as she is able to edit again.

until dawn.PNG

Halloween is on its way and we anticipate many spooky themed broadcasts to come. When you see us again, we will be interested in hearing what you will be dressing up as this year and your favorite scary games. Have a great week and take care of yourself out there. :).