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Holiday Cheer

It’s that time of year and I’m excited to spread some happy vibes and wake up the jive of a new spirit

New location for more movement

Thank you for making this all possible :). May this bring you the gospel of comfort, when love hurts, or you need a twerk of magic made from the fabric of the love you gave your fav :).

Cringe Incoming

I’ve had so many ideas on what could make our time more magical and meaningful from tucking you in to rocking you to sleep. It may take sometime to put together but I’m eager to work on it.

“I’m almost done hunny!”

What I know for sure about my plans for streaming this month is on Christmas Eve morning then the day after Christmas potentially daily to New Years while Beans is out of town. While she is on holiday break, I’ll be spending more time helping her get familiar with her new stream and preparing for the holiday streams.

See you as soon as fate allows :). Thank you for everything you do 💋

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Live Snugger

I’ve installed a Surveillance Cam in my office and granting trolling and controlling interactive options on my Discord server, where we whisper in text through our for DMs. What options do you want to see? This will be a zero fucks mature not a perv stream, keep it classy and a bit sassy or smartassy… butt not gassy