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Jump Scares in Until Dawn- Part 1

The following game is rated for mature audiences and you may hear language that may be offensive to anyone under the age of 50. Proceed at your own risk


 Until Dawn  was suggested to us and suggested it would be great as a PS4 local multiplayer. The story starts off with a bunch of friends who met in a remote cabin belonging to the family of Josh, Hannah, and Beth. Mike, Emily, Chris, Matt, Ashley, and Jessica play a prank on Hannah that ended up driving her crying into the deep snow covered forest. Sister Beth ran after her and the two of them fall off a cliff after being chased by a man with a blowtorch. The rest of the game took place a year later when the remaining survivors returned to gather again for a vacation together. Periodically, we met up with a Therapist who seemingly gave us a mental evaluation with a series of questions regarding our fears.


Missy has also tried it in an ASMR format. Stay tuned for that review.


Nico Say

“I don’t find this game to be as scary as it is entertaining. The jump scare build ups are  fun, the deaths are unexpected and not too gruesome, so far.” say Missy


Inspirational daily mantra

Consulting with our host Missy before we begin. 


Missy and Nico chose happy and Matrcoleman chose uneasy. 


 Matrocoleman was the favorite


Missy and Nico are interesting


It’s official, Missy and Nico are certifiably level headed


Our first introduction to the killer

Nico was questioning Hayden’s personal style decision to wear a skirt in the snow.


Shortly after we met some of the players,  Coma makes his grand entrance into the room.

the entrance

Nico greeting


Coma and Nico unintentionally gave Missy another jump scare by adding to the tip jar. Missy learned that she has been out of the conversation in chat for the past five minutes because of a technical failure. To her surprise, her friends were cheering her on the whole time.

 In this community, your patience may be tested from time to time. We appreciate any and all kindnesses while Missy works to improve.





Thank you Coma and Nico for the support :).

“I feel honored to have the friends/fans that I do. I’m as much of a fan of them as they are of me. They make me feel respected and accepted, they don’t judge or pressure me to be something I am not, and they don’t scare easy.” say Missy

Seriously Specific woke up in the middle of the night and jumped in to chat. Traxmity and Xero the jumped in shortly after. Almost like fate brought us together for this last jump scare. Appleblade, unfortunately came too late.



Missy was very sleepy on this stream and we felt very confused most of the time about what she was saying but we had a wonderful evening that we can now relive, thanks to her. :). I am not a bot..




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After broadcast acknowledgments

Thank you Seriously Specific for hanging out last night and I’m sorry you’ve had trouble sleeping. You are making me very anxious to stream during the middle of the day, if it makes you feel better. Thank you for the push :).

Thank you Noctuary for the six month resub!! The man with the good ideas and fascination for 420. It was good to have a conversation with you. I’m glad you like GTA and I hope we have some fun times playing it. This guy has a clever brain with good ideas. Noctuary likes GTA and he say the heists are difficult.

One of my goals right now, is to throw my daughter a great birthday party. I have idea to ask each girl to pick their favorite Youtuber to act as and when they get here or online, we have challenges they all do in the character they chose. Her birthday is November. I say, if I start now, I could figure out the details.

Thank you Sashka for the 13 month resub!! This surely has been a journey. Thank you, your generosity has made me feel appreciated and cared for. Your support and motivation can be seen on almost every one of our social platforms. Your thoughtfulness and kind words are a comfort and an honor to read. Thank you for being an inspirational friend :).

Sashka speaks Russian and does his best to keep up with chat to follow what’s happening in the broadcast but he often finds himself getting confused or left out. He is one of the inspirations I’ve had in creating this website.

My Nico :). Thank you for the tip tonight. I breathe a sigh of relief when I see you there. How we get so lucky?

Nico is French and his friend has chickens. He is great GTA driver and he will sometimes get motivated to play games with us. He has been a long time supporter and is generally at every show no matter what time it is. He sometimes has jokes and has shocked me on many occasions with his out of character reactions or his in game OP behavior. He is great guy to have at parties and we cherish our Nico :). His mouth hurts right now. He may be swimming with the fishes to make it feel better. This too shall pass

Speaking of OP, our pilot Coma was there for a second. He has been our most motivated investor in the lifetime of our broadcast. We are very fortunate to have his support. In more ways than one, he’s a humble teammate and a patient teacher. There is no sort of weird behavior that could sway this man from being your friend and he has all the coolest toys to play with at parties. :).

I didn’t recognize someone in chat and was shocked to see he had been following for 8 months I think. Thank you to that guy for being a fan and supporting our broadcast. Hopefully we can talk more soon :). I always geek out when i see people get eXcited out of the blue like they’ve been here the whole time and I never knew it. It’s a cool feeling

I saw Flynn, our Irishman. He’s a streamer and is super busy. He’s a lot of fun at parties and he’s a younger guy like early 20s I think. We’ve known him a long time too, back when I played Warframe. He has Xbox I think.

We hosted New Original. A really cool and smart man who knows a lot about healthy living and gaming. He has VR and is really good at role playing. He is respectful and patient team mate who also has great ideas. He is a supportive, thoughtful, caring guy who is also charitable. He may also have some jokes that are kind of hilarious. Also, very smart about computers and has pretty girlfriend who likes the outdoors. Btw He loves dogs

We saw Appleblade briefly and he has a sick stomach. We’ve known him for awhile. He loves asmr, can be seen hanging with Luna, and he has some funny jokes. He also likes to play WoW. His favorite song is the boots with the furs and his nickname is Apple bottom jeans.

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A magical late night eXcursion

The following game is rated for mature audiences and you may hear language inappropriate for anyone under the age of 50 to hear. Proceed with caution


Welcome aboard the eXecutioner eXpress

We follow Missy as she guides us on adventures lead by fate’s direction.

The following story was created by MissyXecute and influenced by our real life events recorded live on Twitch.


We meet Seriously Specific, the charming Cub Scout Leader friend who has a knack for impersonations. He was the first to greet Missy at her front door, where he had been eagerly waiting for her for about ten minutes.

Missy opened the door and was surprised to be greeted by Seriously’s Nico costume.

opening1.pngNico is our trusted French Farmer companion who frequently accompanies us on our adventures and primarily communicates through our log because he obviously doesn’t have vocal cords, kappa. His spontaneity and passion for life is contagious.

Missy had heard that our friend Coma has just opened up a new dance club. Coma White is our suave and lethal Pilot friend who possess an admiring arsenal. His generous wit and charm can also be seen in our logs usually, right beside Nico.

As we were leaving Missy’s home, she was tragically shot and killed by a chicken who was crossing the road after an obviously bad day at Nico’s farm. Missy would not allow us to miss this event and she wasn’t going to let a little thing like death stand in her way.  She swooped down from heaven to the club’s front steps on the back of a large white maned, majestic winged horse, with flowing white hair, and smelling of strawberries.

As Missy entered the club, she realized she was inappropriately dressed for the occasion and quickly retreated to retrieve more suitable attire.  

Before she could make her escape, Missy became possessed by a demonic idea that possessed her actions and cost her dearly.   



Devastated and under dressed, Missy ran home to eat some cookies and hot Cheetos.

Her devastation was quickly distracted by amusement and a shiny new car



That was soon destroyed by a rocket dispatched from Coma’s trigger finger. 

Luckily, are daring Italian friend Elchamo rushed us to the nearest shopping center to treat our fashion emergency.

XerobitsThere we were enthusiastically greeted by our always optimistic friend Xero purchasing a new pair of chaps.

The decision was a difficult one and Elchamo grew impatient after he saw a band of clowns round the corner.


Unfortunately, Missy did not monitor the bike while shopping and while Elchamo was off making animal balloons, some deviant played a prank with his bike.

Embarrassed Elchamo hails the nearest cab, to his surprise the clown driver had a destination far worse in store for the two of them. Missy wondered the streets and contemplated her life decisions when her dream car invited her to drive it.

As we got closer to the club, Elchamo made a miraculous landing with the gigantic jet he stole after his escape from a clown daycare prison. He had intended to gift the jet to Missy but she politely declined in favor of the grand entrance she intended to make in her dream car.

A ping in the Nico’s radar sets off and he sets course to Missy’s location. When he arrives, he drops encouraging baby kappa faces for luck

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Upon hearing of Nico’s arrival, Coma glides in on a cloud of salt to celebrate. Nico’s wings flutter about and sprinkle birthday cupcakes.  Feeling left out Seriously shrugs and puts his heads in his empty hands. Coma floats over to Seriously and graciously lays some salt in his honor. Witnessing this merciful act of compassion, Nico compelling grabs a flag and salutes his brother Seriously Specific.  

Feeling the gravity of the moment, Fate applauded our efforts 

the eXecutioners FINALLY unite


We appreciate the time we shared with everyone involved. We are thankful to experience moments of unscripted magic. We are fortunate to have the ability to capture and share them.    Thank you Grand Theft Auto, Twitch, WordPress and the eXecutioners for making this possible.